YouMap® Coaching Strategy

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What is YouMap® and why you should care

  1. Strengths — your natural, innate talents (not skills)
  2. Values — your judgment about what’s important in life
  3. Preferred skills — your abilities and expertise that you develop through experience
  4. Personality-based interests — Your preferences relative to interests, passion, and motivation
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Process Breakdown

Week 1: First group coaching, intro to YouMap — 2hours

  • Step 1: 30-minutes on strengths coaching to discover your top five talents
  • Step 2: 30-minutes on values and motivating skills you enjoy and those you should avoid
  • Step 3: 30-minutes on career interest types and feasible best-fit roles and project assignments

Week 2: One-on-one deep dive into stories — 1hour

Week 3: Group coaching part 2, team building — 1:30h

Week 4: Final one-on-one & feedback session — 30mins

The perks

  • A personalized strategy tailored to assess role, manager, and organizational fit
  • A set of compelling short stories that illustrate what they’re good at to wow employers during placement
  • A single page YouMap® summary of their strengths, values, preferred skills, and interests + a unique contribution statement to enhance their talent profile

My Main Goals:

  • To land a job coaching YouMap® within Praxis and similar talent-facing or mission-driven companies
  • To value-signal my talent for developing individuals, teams, and communities
  • To collect testimonials for my own private coaching practice, Silk Road Journey
  • Survey Creation and Delivery — google forms
  • Zoom + live transcript
  • Virtual instruction delivery
  • Trello project management
  • Wiring blogs and documentation
  • Short-form video editing software — Screenrec, Loom, Snag it (for blurring out private or sensitive information)

Next Steps:



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Anne-Marcelle Kouame

YouMap® Certified Coach | Cultural Facilitator | Learning & Development | Diversity, Equity & Allyship | On a Mission to Connect the World through Storytelling