My mentor (right) and I (left)

Hi, there!

Thanks for dropping by my workspace. I spent 8 weeks (March to May 2021) working on an end-to-end product development under the guidance of (he, him), a UX Researcher @ Google. Noel and I were a match made through the and, under his mentorship, I learned a range of skill sets from product development processes, to double diamond framework, problem space discovery, UX Research methods, sampling, interviewing, survey creation, and delivery. As a result, I built a pitch deck for a business that I’m creating called !

The problem I set out to solve

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve completed two group coaching sessions — + — then . This week, I wrapped up 6 more individual sessions, wrapping the YouMap project things with feedback from participants and advisors at Praxis.

The Group’s YouMap Display

For the final coaching week, I had three main goals in mind:

  • Compile the individual session notes up on Notion
  • Create an exit survey and get feedback
  • Display group YouMap on Airtable

Compiling the meeting notes into a summary-landing-page on Notion

Back in week 2 when I did the first one-on-one sessions, I…

So far, I’ve completed and for YouMap®. Now, the goal of the 2nd group coaching is to get participants to learn about the strengths of their peers and work collaboratively to emulate an actual productive work experience.

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Similar to how I approached week 1, I completed some prep work during the weekday leading up to 2nd group coaching by:

  • Modifying the first slide deck to add new group activities
  • Creating a summary of my findings from the YouMap® reports
  • Sourcing out the appropriate activities through Gallup’s resource portal and downloading the…

Last week, . This week, I met with participants for a one-on-one deep dive and pulled compelling stories outta them to wow employers during interviews.

The idea of bringing stories out of people one-on-one is my own addition to the YouMap® process. Over the years, sharing my story has brought up many opportunities for me, so I’d been looking for a tool that affirms people’s talents while also allowing me to reinforce those affirmations through stories.

Let’s take a look at how I leveraged storytelling within YouMap® to equip participants…

. In this part 2, I go in-depth about what happened during the session.

First, I welcome the participants and reminded them to have the following items to work with during the workshop: Strengths Insight Guide, Participant Workbook, Your YouMap®

Hi, there! My name is Anne-Marcelle Kouamé, and I am a Certified YouMap® Coach!

For the month of May 2021, I created a micro-coaching program at using , a holistic self-awareness tool that helps people uncover their Four Pillars of Career Fit: strengths, values, motivating skills, and career interests. I was able to deliver results by affirming my peers on their unique talents, equipping them with the tools to land meaningful jobs, and inspiring them to work collaboratively. My intention with the project is to also signal that I have what it takes to work in People Operations…

In my two previous blogs, I went over ® as well as . Part 1 of this blog will go over the additional prep work that went into the first coaching, then I’ll cover

The days leading up to the group session on Saturday, May 8th…

I started out this week by building out a project management system to keep track of all of the moving pieces of the project:

  • Project support onboarding
  • Participant onboarding
  • Survey Creation and Delivery
  • Slide Deck Creation

I also choose Trello because of its visual, dashboard-like feel…

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In my previous blog, I’ve covered . Now, you might be wondering: how does the process actually work? Here is how I plan to structure out the programming with learning goals for both the participants and myself.

What is YouMap® and why you should care

YouMap® is a holistic self-discovery tool that reveals your Pillars of Career Fit:

  1. Strengths — your natural, innate talents (not skills)
  2. Values — your judgment about what’s important in life
  3. Preferred skills — your abilities and expertise that you develop through experience
  4. Personality-based interests — Your preferences relative to interests, passion, and motivation

For the month of May 2021, I’m on a mission to create a micro-coaching program at using , a holistic self-discovery tool that uncovers people’s strengths, values, preferred skills, and career interests. YouMap® equipped me with self-awareness and clarity to take charge of my career journey, so much so that I became a Certified YouMap® Coach in November 2020. So, when I saw that my peers at Praxis were feeling demotivated, struggling to put into words what they feel, how they think, and why they behave the way they do, I felt compelled to do something. My goal…

I am week two into , and the program once again debunked another misconception, this time, in sales. Unlike my previous misconception of the stereotypical “sleazy” salesman, I learned that sales is actually about “identifying a felt need and building a relationship around fulfilling that need in the best possible way.” This is something I have been doing for the better half of my life, only through storytelling.

I realized the importance of stories as a sales tool back in high school. I had just gotten back from my year studying abroad in China, and though the experience was…

Anne-Marcelle Kouame

YouMap® Certified Coach | Cultural Facilitator | Learning & Development | Diversity, Equity & Allyship | On a Mission to Connect the World through Storytelling

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